[12] first time

once again horribly late checking writing blogs. and holy shit

I love the sanders (+ honorary nari) family as much as I want to punch cole doyle in the teeth


picture the most serious character that you know of

now picture them tripping ungracefully and falling down some stairs


Imagine your icon trying to teach you their native language


imagine your icon staring into your eyes as they deliberately overcharge you for groceries 

spookyless world, college AU

windsor and kiki share a dorm building, fire alarm goes off, it’s cold and rainy outside, kiki’s wearing layers of oversized sweats from her private cozy study party of one and instantly miserable

spots wg across the parking lot (only ever sees him during floor meetings and thought he was a total dunce), but he’s only got a towel and was clearly in the middle of a shower

begrudgingly makes her way over through the growing crowd of dejected college kids. winds up just standing there next to him (see: about three feet away still) stewing about what she’s about to do before offering her outermost hoodie

nah I’m good! how many opportunities am i gonna get where I can be naked in public and not be arrested, right

deadpan stare

older wiki in cars is a hilarious concept to me

kiki driving while windsor insists he doesn’t need a seatbelt well it’s the fucking law and I don’t want a ticket do you really think the cop’s biggest issue will be my being untethered when he pokes his head in here 

put on the goddamn seatbelt windsor

sigh, click



Eris?? Goddess of chaos strife and discord?? more like Goddess of animated hairporn jesus lord just look at it.

The animators descried her hair as silk in water~


things I think about frequently

  • what was the full of extent of peyton surviving (and his offspring) on affecting history
  • ira’s initial impression on lila and why she decided to take on their babysittership
  • elizabeth becoming gradually more sophia-like after the hanging and especially as she aged, marking a turn in notoriety for blackthorn women
  • the larger implications of the modestus “rattle me bones” beach
  • how a surge of linguists, glyphers and ciphers erupted around demonology time, and how language serves as a major linchpin between the two main story arcs