"Lines, or lack thereof, on one’s palm can’t tell anything. They’re just lines."
"And words on the page of an old book can’t do magic. Time travel, I don’t think that’s possible. Maps that take vocal commands and locate just about anyone or anything… Bullshit. All of it.”

sweet god this is heavy. i’m going to have to type a proper post 

the world population is taking one to the face and giving the black death a run for its money

especially bright


I listened to civilian all day for a reason I WILL FINISH WRITING THIS TONIGHT

A lot of the songs I associate with wg nowadays don’t have lyrics

I get upset when searching clair blackthorn doesn’t work on tumblr

I get upset when searching clair pokemon yields 75% porn 

things that slay me: gamagoori’s complexion and hair color making him basil’s twin

a fixed characteristic of rule loving semi-antags